Alicia is a social entrepreneur, innovator, strategist, advisor, and advocate.  Alicia’s professional career has been centered around building equity in communities, business and social growth. Alicia works with organizations in the private and public sector to unlock their fullest potential. Alicia has worked in the areas of development, client relations, and events where she has worked on campaigns and cultivation events that have grossed millions of dollars. In addition to, working with the United Nations- Youth and Habitat III Civil Society as a stakeholder, that works primarily on sustainability, urban, economic, environmental, and social justice issues.

Her advocacy work stems from a passion for expanding the economic and environmental growth of communities in need. Alicia and her work have been featured in the New York Post, NBC, Mashable, and the Huffington Post; she was named Discovery Channel ID’s “Hero of the month”, City Parks Foundation Fellow and utilizes her experience in public, private and the nonprofit sector to continue to push for and work on progressive changes in communities. Alicia has also been featured in Vogue online, DNA Info and has received the NYC Mayor Service Award.

Alicia White is the President and Founder of Project Petals. She had the vision to start a non-profit organization that focused on revitalizing under-served, low-income, minority and under-resourced communities. That is where Project Petals started. She founded the Project Petals Builders Program that helps youth foster leadership in their communities. By introducing them to architecture, engineering and urban planning. Her goal is not only to revitalize communities, but create capacity and build internal leadership. With a passion and the skill set for identifying and redistributing resources, Alicia works to connect people with the necessary tools, funding, and connections they need to transform their communities.

Alicia has also worked for art organizations and through her work has positively affected the lives and careers of performance artists.  She serves as a grant advisor on the arts. domestic justice, civil rights, youth development and community resilience. In addition, to serving as a grant advisor to art organizations and artist. She has dedicated her career to the betterment of communities, building equity in under-resourced areas and the environment. Alicia is a life long environmental, women rights, and youth advocate.  She believes that every person deserves to live in a safe, clean, economically strong and environmentally sound environment


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The power of TFOF

I developed a short e-book on different funding sources that I’ve titled  TFOF (The FUNDAMENTALS of Funding). For budding and established entrepreneurs, artists and students. Click here for more information. 

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Consulting Services

Does your business need consulting services? Alicia has over of 10 years of experience helping companies and organization get their campaigns and ideas off the ground and into reality. Sign-up to learn how to reach a broader audience, build partnerships and scale your business. By turning ideas into impact for funding that can scale. Alicia experience spans high impact campaigns and events that have grossed millions of dollars.

Speaking at your Event

Alicia has a wide array of experience in both the public and private sector. In addition to Alicia professional experience she is a philanthropist and advocate that has extensive experience in the economic, environmental development and community partnerships. She speaks to social entrepreneurs and individuals on how to get started in both their businesses and careers. Also, how to brand yourself to get noticed. Alicia is also a champion for women rights and women in business.

Advisory and Coaching

Have you reached a block in your professional career or development. Are you ideas and goals at standstill. Set-up a consultation to get you started on a strategic plan to help you reach your goals.

Do you need help to improve diversity in your business. Or create a diversity program. Set up an advisory consultation on the building blocks to setting up a diversity program.

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NBA- Knicks Sweetwater Clifton City Spirit Award

New York City Mayoral service honor and award

Discovery Channel- “Every Day Hero”


Pollination Project- Grant and Funding advisor

Project Petals Founder and Executive Director

Queens Council of the Arts- Funding advisor

United Nations Habitat III Stakeholder

United Nations Youth Stakeholder




Discovery Channel


DNA Info

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Huffington Post

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